We extend sincere invitations for the following partners:

Vehicle Suppliers

Gunlei is committed to make sufficient orders in favorable quantity and variety with vehicle suppliers. Can provide reputable and supportive vendors with automobile financing solutions to help solve issues in capital shortage.

Warehouse / Freight Forwarder / Shipping Companies

Gunlei cooperates with warehouses providing favorable conditions, experienced freight forwarders, and competitive shipping companies for solutions in vehicle collection, warehousing, vanning, clearance of goods, and shipping services.

City Partners

Gunlei has launched the ‘City Partners Plan’ globally. We’re looking forward to bringing on those with rich experience and forward vision in the automobile exporting industry to manage one of our regional markets and carry out comprehensive work. We’ll provide the talents with stable long-term development stages.

Purchasing Manager

Responsible for purchasing paralleling import cars in overseas markets. Requirements: young and vigorous, honest and reliable, and eager to learn and grow.

Please send us your company qualifications, business scope, and other related materials to the following e-mail address or via WeChat for further inquiries: E-mail : bd@gunlei.com WeChat : Gunlei_Partners



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