The Gunlei Advantage

Gunlei provides one-stop solutions, including purchasing,
logistics and financial services to improve your supply chain efficiency.

10YearsAn emphasis on imported vehicles 5procurement areas The United States, Middle East, Europe,
Canada, and Mexico
2000 + domestic dealerships Covers 31 provinces in China
Complete Supply Chain Services

Oversea Direct Purchasing More than 20 vehicle brands, with more than 100 models from the United States, Canada, Mexico, Middle East, and Europe.

Warehouse and Logistics Large modern warehouses with free storage, logistics monitoring, and real-time vehicle transportation tracking.

Customs Declaration and Commodity Inspection Customs clearance service to avoid potential delays.

Financial Services Simple online application and walkthrough for submitting required documents. Fixed real-estate assets or guarantees are not required.

Profit Guarantee Flexible and controllable sales policy. No middleman. Making business simple.

Visual Logistics System
Domestic dealers can monitor the status of their vehicles in real-time using Internet technology.
Gunlei APP
Intelligent management of vehicles, customers, and orders are customized to match domestic dealers.
The latest information/resource of vehicles Overseas purchasers/sellers can use the Gunlei supply chain system to
recommend the best-selling cars to their customers, improving deal efficiency.
Powerful Purchase Order System Customers can check/track the latest logistics
status at any time by using the Gunlei App.
Intelligent Logistics System Customers can monitor overseas warehouse and current/instant
shipping status by using the Gunlei App..


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