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Since its founding in 2015, Gunlei Corporation has become the largest procuring and selling platform for parallel import cars in China. Today, Gunlei is widely known as a leader in China’s parallel import cars industry.

Gunlei Corporation’s founder and CEO, Mr. Hong Chen, established Mayrock in United States, which has achieved much success in its domain, earning the top position in the industry in exports of parallel import cars to China. A new opportunity arose in 2015 when China issued a series of policy changes encouraging the trade of parallel import cars. Mr. Chen decided to resettle in China to set up Gunlei Corporation as a new platform for parallel import cars.

Gunlei Corporation has grown rapidly. Since 2015, Gunlei has set up branches in both U.S. East and West Coasts. The success of Gunlei is owed greatly to its wealth of resources, which positions the company to offer the best possible support and cooperation for its partners. The corporation’s international team is a perfect example of rich experience being a key factor in securing deals and procuring cars from across the world. And thanks to years of prior business cooperation with dealers such as Ford, Toyota, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Land Rover, Gunlei Corporation offers some of the most desired car models in the Chinese market.

In China, Gunlei Corporation has built a stable business cooperation relationship with clients in various categories. These relationships have allowed the company to provide a one-stop service package including car model selection, procurement, warehouse, logistics, financing, 3C certification, and customs clearance and inspection.

Finally, besides the vehicle imports, Gunlei Corporation has recently entered the business of importing spare parts. And by utilizing the internet along with mobile internet technology, Gunlei Corporation has also begun offering a live stream of each car’s status before delivery. This technological tool makes pre-sales possible for traders to sell their overseas cars to customers.

Gunlei Corporation aims to streamline the trading procedure of parallel import cars in China by building up a global procurement network. Our mission is to set up a bridge between clients in China and car suppliers overseas.

Team Background

The founding team members of Gunlei Corporation consists of seniors in the automobile export industry and Internet elites. The founder and CEO, Mr. Hong Chen, graduated from Peking University and established Mayrock, a leading international automobile trade company in United States.
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